Disney+ Is Better Than Netflix

Disney+ is better than Netflix, and there are many reasons why. First, the price of Disney+ is way cheaper than Netflix. Netflix has three different plans, the basic plan starting at $8.99 and it only keeps going up, the premium plan is $15.99, which allows four users to watch at the same time. Disney+ only charges $6.99 from its streaming app and you get all the same privileges as the premium Netflix plan. Even though Disney+ is cheaper, it only has a 7-day free trial while Netflix give you a whole month. 

The second reason Disney+ is best is that it has so many options that cater to all people. Disney+ has up to 500 movies and 7,500 TV shows that they offer to their members. They have many genres that Netflix doesn’t really advance like Sci Fi, and children’s shows. 

Netflix does have its original TV shows and movies that seem to be doing great, like The Crown, Dear White People, Glow, and Queer Eye. Though Netflix has these series, they tend to have shows and movies on their app for only a couple of months then they take the content off. Who would want to start a show just to not be able to finish it? It’s irritating to start a show that you really like, then it’s gone the next day because it was a limited series like how Netflix took all the Friday movies off their platform.They also took Seven Seconds off a year ago but added it back

 Reason number three is that Disney+ is trending, and who doesn’t like something that’s popular? Everyone wants to feel like they are apart of something, so when all the talk came out about this new streaming app and how it would rekindle us with our childhood everyone pounced on the idea of that.

Especially since at the end of the decade, we needed a little reminder of the great times when we weren’t worried about life, the only thing we needed to think about was when our favorite TV show/movie was coming on and if we needed to record it. CNET declared Disney+ the “streaming app of the year.” Netflix and other streaming apps just can’t compare to Disney’s app. You can also get disney + for free with Verizon.

Streaming apps seem to be the “new wave” these days and cable is coming to its downfall. Cable was always hard to maintain with its high prices for TV shows, so now that there’s apps with all of our favorite shows/movies on them. It was destined for people to switch over to these apps. Many of these apps are available in bundles. For example, Disney+ has a subscription with Hulu and ESPN for only $12.99, and Netflix is going to bring Nickelodeon to its platform.

There are many more apps that have their own original shows on them like, Apple TV,Amazon Prime Video ,Vudu,Tubi TV, etc. There also streaming app out there that give you your daily news like CNBC,CNET,CBS news.

Without cable you would probably lean towards streaming apps, but there isn’t one app that has it only yet. You would need multiple apps to carter all your family and your needs. These apps aren’t that costly… if your only getting one but if you need/ want more than one the price is going to rack up. Overall costing more than a simple cable package

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