“Hands on a Hardbody” : Everett’s Hit New Musical

“Hands On A Hardbody,” Everett’s newest musical. premiered Friday, November 8, to great audience reception. Seats were filled with the family members of those on the cast to see what months of work amounted to, and they were not disappointed.  

The members of the cast had been working for months to make sure that they had every part of the play down-pat. Staying at school until five was a regular occurrence for everyone involved.

“Getting the music down [was the hardest part]” said senior Jacbo Robins, who played Benny Perkins in the performance. “At the beginning of the musical a lot of the music was outside of my vocal range, so I had to work ridiculously hard at stretching my range to hit the notes I had to hit. Staying after wasn’t too tough on me [though]. I had been kind of used to it after having been in the past two performances. At times it did get tiring, during tech week we had to stay until 7:30. Overall though the long days didn’t cause me too much trouble, it was worth it for me.”

All of this work put in culminated into the premiering weekend where the students showed what they’ve been working so hard to show everyone.

“I think this was one of the best audience receptions we’ve had,” said senior Eric Seymour who performed the musical accompaniment. “Everyone I’ve spoken to that was in the audience has only said high praises of the performance. Sunday the audience started to clap along with a song, which to me personally, made it more special.”

After three nights of amazing performances, there is hope from students that this may rejuvenate the performance aspect of VAPA.

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