Spotlight: Joey Bowman, 5K record setter

Joseph Bowman is a cross country runner that has broken a school record time in the 3.1 mile race. The previous record was 17 minutes and 24.9 seconds by Alfredo Horta.

“First time I beat it was 17 minutes and 24.2 seconds,” said 9th grade Joseph Bowman.

For beating a school record you would think he has been running for a long time, but Bowman has not been running that long.

“My first year running cross country was 8th grade,” said Bowman.

Bowman said that running is a stress reliever for him.

“I always look forward to practice because I can forget about a lot,” said Bowman.

Although he has more than just that reason for running; his brother and sister also ran cross country.

“I run because I think it’s fun and it challenges me, pushing me to my limits.” said Bowman.

Since he has broken a school record, his name will be posted for everyone to see.

“We’re hoping to add it to our track board,” said Acting Athletic Director Gabriel Murley.

According to his coach, Bowman has a really good work ethic and works hard for the things he has accomplished this season.

“He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known, I’ll say run eight miles and he’ll run 12,” said Cross Country Coach Ben Billings.

Even though he is only a freshman, he is one of the best cross country runners Everett has to offer. Making history your first year out means picking bigger targets to aim for.

“I’m looking forward to next season; hopefully I can beat the record again,” said Bowman.

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