S.H.E: Everett’s Woman Empowerment Group

The S.H.E group has multiple events coming in the next few months like going to MSU, Celebration Cinema, and Canada for the seniors.  

“I look forward to going to different events with them, and having a ball dance,” said sophomore Zamariah Jackson.

The goal of the S.H.E group is to prepare young ladies for adult womanhood, bringing them together from all walks of life to support each other, encourage each other, and to make one another feel safe. According to S.H.E. adviser Terra Watson, S.H.E. helps teach sisterhood.  

“I believe that sisterhood is the most important thing, and if we teach it young we develop young ladies that grow into women with high expectations, good core and moral values that will make for a good society,” said Watson.

Members of S.H.E. like the group’s focus on improvement.

 “I think it is [good], we learn how to bond and become a better woman than we are now,” said junior Morgan Kreck.

One thing that some members of the group said they like is the chance to build friendships.

“It makes all of us really close and you learn new things from one another,” said Junior Nori Silva.

Although most agree that it’s a good opportunity for these young ladies, the group isn’t without conflict.

“There are too many girls failing their classes and just starting drama for no reason,” said Kreck.

Adviser Terra Watson looks out for the girls in the club, almost like a second mother.

“She always makes sure we girls have what we need and I know I can go to her for anything school-related or not,” said Jackson.

While S.H.E. is more active, there is also a related group called B.H.E, for young men. Watson said the goal for this group is similar to S.H.E.: to teach respect for themselves, along with Sisterhood and the society around them

“One of my boys came up with the shirts for the B.H.E group,” said Watson.

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