Call of Duty Mobile: The new app store hit

A new game has exploded on the app store. Call of Duty, the “military” shooting game that has been around since the Xbox in 2003, through the latest PS4 and Xbox One, has now come to mobile.

“They’ve taken all these classic maps from all the older games and have put them into this game letting people play all their favorite old maps from 2007 to now and being able to use guns from old games too,” said freshman Z’kiah Roper.

Game reviewers calls the release “the biggest mobile game coming in the second half of 2019, and after a couple of matches, I’m convinced it deserves your attention.” 

Many players have their doubts of the game being on mobile, but they were very surprised after playing a couple matches.

“The graphics on console are gonna be better without a doubt,” said junior Ruben Limas. “It is easy to make a game look good on a console but on a phone it’s harder, you can’t do as much on a phone that wasn’t really made for gaming but it’s one of the best games I’ve seen on mobile.”

Many reasons the game has been so popular is due to the massive fan-base of the Call of Duty franchise.

“The game is better than people expected on a mobile device, plus with a phone we can carry it everywhere and play with our friends,” said junior Avery Hill.

Some even find CoD mobile better than some of their other favorites.

“It doesn’t take up as much space like Fortnite and you can play it on the go,” said Roper.

Others downloaded it for different reasons.

“I got the game because the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare isn’t out yet, so I thought this would hold me over while I wait,” said Limas.

Like every other great Call of Duty game with hardcore gamers, there is bound to be rage involved.

“I sometimes yell at the mic or TV, but I don’t usually take it out on the players,” said 6th grader James Jones.

“I only get mad if I have really bad teammates or if I am going against people that try too hard at the game,” said junior Avery Hill.

Overall, Call of Duty doesn’t seem like it will be getting off the charts any time soon with enthusiastic players.

“I think I’m the best player haha … but I am better than most of my friends and the people above my line, if anybody wants to play me they can go ahead and try,” said junior Avery Hill.

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