Breaking: 2+2+2 Engineering Scholarship is almost due

It’s that time of year again. Scholarship season! A time where students scramble around to keep their deadlines in hopes of winning the top prize.

Every year, Everett gives students the chance to apply for the 2+2+2 engineering scholarship. Through this program, students can obtain a full ride to college! Students must follow the program’s guidelines by being on track to graduate high-school, attending Lansing Community College for two years, and finally attending Michigan State for their final two years.

The “2+2+2” part comes from each year that members of the program will be attending the different facilities. At the end of their four years of college, students will come out with an engineering degree.

It all has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is Everett’s counseling center. Erin Falsetta, one of Everett’s many school counselors, is the coordinator of the scholarship and the best source of information if you’re choosing to apply.

The most vital piece of information is when the scholarship is due. The official date of when it should be turned into Falsetta and sent to the program is November 8.

“There is a completed application form that must be submitted,” said Falsetta “There is an essay, two letters of recommendation, [an official] transcript, and a PSAT score.”

If students are ever in need of any aid throughout the scholarship process, Falsetta says to “come work with their counselors or me.”

The 2+2+2 scholarship offers a lot to students. 

“[The scholarship provides] an awesome opportunity that will offer a full ride for an engineering degree from Michigan State University,” said Falsetta.

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