The Antonio Brown controversy

Steelers at Ravens 12/27/15 ;
Keith Allison

Antonio Brown, a former wide receiver for the Steelers and Patriots, has been accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer Britney Taylor. The accusations resulted in a chain of events that resulted in Brown effectively retiring from the NFL.

Many believe that he did not do anything and the woman is lying to get money. 

“It’s been years and she came out just as he got paid 30 million,” said Battle Creek Lakeview Senior Nathan Korp. 

On the other hand, some do not want to make a decision on whether he did or did not.

“I don’t really feel one way or the other because it’s just an allegation,” said varsity football coach Jaleel Canty.

After the accusations, things went south for Brown. Due in part to a bad relationship with Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberg, Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders. But because of more bad behavior, he was released from his contract without ever playing a game, resulting in the loss of a $30 million contract. Currently, Brown says he is going back to CMU to finish his degree.

“Will not be playing in the @NFL anymore these owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at anytime,” tweeted Brown.

Although many football fans do not believe that he is really done with the game of football and will make a return. Another tweet he posted seems to back this up.

“I’m still the best why stop now,” tweeted Brown.

With the money involved, there  is still a good chance for him to return to the NFL.

“Anytime you throw away 30  million is not a good idea,” said Coach Canty.

Currently, Brown has said he decided to go to Central Michigan University to take online classes after he “retired” from the NFL. 

“I think he should of made up with Ben Rothlesburger. Leaving the Steelers was obviously the biggest mistake of his career,” said Central Michigan student David Leek.

At this point, Antonio Brown still has not returned to the NFL and is still a little out of 

control on Twitter.

“Bro I don’t even know you don’t call me AB that’my NFL name dimmy! I’m not even on your team never been shut your mouth Jabroni,” tweeted Brown at Eric Weedle.

Many football fans believe that he should just lie low for awhile until things blow over and his lawyers handle things.

“I think he should stay quiet and let his attorney speak for him,” said Coach Canty.

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