We fixed the windows, but how about the bathrooms?

Years and years of complaints, none of them heard. But hey! At least we’ve got some new windows. Who knew that a change to only one side of the building was something we all needed!

 Instead of fixing the bathrooms (something that hundreds of students use every single day) the administration goes ahead and dismisses our complaints and remodels the windows. 

Now, many students understand that the new siding on the building will better insulate the school during winter, but still. This daily problem that a majority of students face everyday greatly outweighs being a little cold in class sometimes.

Paper towel littering the floor, random mystery puddles on the floor, odd and offsetting smells, and sometimes entire bathrooms being “out of order” is a disappointing and usually disgusting reality we as students have to deal with daily. Students speak out, tell their friends, tell their teachers, and sometimes even tell administrators all for nothing to be resolved.

Much of the senior class has had to deal with these horrific bathroom conditions for all four years with absolutely no end in sight. It feels like only after we leave will something actually be done. 

What can we do immediately though. None of the students are calling for a full scale remodel of the bathrooms, that isn’t what we want. We want a bathroom that works. If a sink doesn’t work then what are we supposed to do? If the toilets are absurdly foul what are we supposed to do? The solutions aren’t even that complex either, anyone of the senior class could tell you what needs to be done.

How about air dryers instead of paper towels? Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it cuts down on some of the waste left around for the custodial staff to clean. 

Maybe a sink that isn’t so rusty and old that no water comes out? Everyone would really appreciate it if they can wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Even a student run “beautification committee” could do us well. A group of students coming together and fixing the problems in the bathroom (and maybe even the whole school) because they want to see things done. This could even lead to the possibility of volunteer hours for the students who need them.

Something needs to be done, even if it isn’t by the district officials themselves. Students need to speak out, we need to stand up and shout for what we want. Unless of course, students like to keep the same gross conditions for another year of school.

Hopefully there will be a change in the future. Maybe the school and district officials will finally hear our complaints and make the change that students have been calling upon for years. It’s only a matter of time before the bathrooms are so bad students will start skipping to go home and do their business.

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Will George

Current Reporter of The Viking Voice

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