Open campus lunch, what students really want

   Lunch at Everett High School is very depressing. Students don’t like eating the same lunch every day, the lines are too long, and food students want sometimes runs out before they can have any. Everett students should be able to have an open campus lunch hour, where they can leave and get lunch from somewhere they enjoy eating once in awhile.

   If Lansing School District had open campus students wouldn’t have to worry about how food would run out before students get up to grab their food. Lines would be shorter, and students wouldn’t get bored eating the same lunch every day for the entire school year.

    Open campus has been talked about a lot. It has been a part of many High Schools in the past, including Everett. But the students took open campus way too far: some students would leave school and never come back. Some caused trouble in the neighborhood, littering and being loud. Students today say that it is not fair that they have to pay the price for other students’ choices. 

“I want open campus because I want fast food not school food,” said sophomore Osamany Mendez. People always tend to hear students complain about school lunches and how they would want other foods. Everyday it’s the same nachos and pizza’s maybe if the food option would change we wouldn’t have to worry about people complaining about the food.

 If open campus was available for students many would participate “I would leave school and go to Little Cesar’s because the food makes me sick,” said Osamany. 

  Some people think we shouldn’t have open campus just because the school provides food for us for free. But many students say what the school provides makes them sick. School gives the same lunches such as nachos, pizza, chicken, salads, and sandwiches. They provide many options but never switch it up, it’s always the same lunches everyday which makes some students want to leave and get their own food from outside of school. 

     Open campus would make students happier if it was available because students would love to pick what they could eat at lunch. Lansing School District should make open campus happen again.

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