Breaking: Leak causes stairwell closure

Many students may have noticed that as of October 21st there has been a blockade put up on the far stairwell, but most are unclear what is happening. Some said they heard a ceiling had caved in, others heard that there was water everywhere. 

“There was a water leak in a water main and it leaked all over the lights. That became a very dangerous situation because water and electricity don’t mix,” said assistant principal George Pena.

Pena’s office is located directly by the blockaded stairwell on the third floor, so he has been able to see and hear all the construction and work being done to repair the leak.

The leak happened Monday, and as of Wednesday afternoon the stairwell was still closed. 

“My classes are all by the stairwell, and I have to take the long way with my heavy backpack,” said freshman Gabriella Lopez-Moncayo. “I just want it to be fixed because I don’t want to carry all my stuff around the whole school.”

In the last two days, maintenance workers have been seen coming and going, and sounds have been heard that sound like construction. Yet the stairwell is still wrapped in police tape, forcing students to take the long way to class.

“It makes it really difficult,” said freshman Will Bales. “The middle stairwell is very crowded, and it makes it easy to be tardy.”

In an email to staff Tuesday morning, principal Jaime Gundrum promised that the stairwell would be “back online as quick as [possible].” After two days of detours, students are beginning to wonder if their new routes up and down the stairs will continue for some time.

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