Mario Kart Tour Storms The App Store and Students are Hooked

Mario Kart Tour, a mobile racing game by Nintendo, released September 25, and it’s had millions of downloads worldwide. Many Everett students are a part of that huge number of players.

Game reviewers at Business Insider called Mario Kart Tour the “biggest game launch ever, with 20 million downloads and Nintendo’s most popular mobile launch.”

In the span of one week it seems as if every student at Everett has introduced into the racing game. 

“I play Mario Kart usually on my free time, but I play at least an hour of Mario Kart a day,” said junior Kimani Williams.

Students have been playing what seems to be endless hours of Mario Kart, including during school. 

“I played when I had friends in my class and when I finished up my work,” said junior Tahje Roper. 

“I usually play in my first hour because the class is so easy, so I’m just on my phone playing,” said junior Kimani Williams.

But sometimes it could be a distraction in the class. . . from the teachers point of view.

 “I do find it frustrating because the gentlemen and ladies who usually play it are really loud and boisterous while they play,” said Algebra teacher John Severance. 

“It is always frustrating to have to interact to redirect the class and then I have to remind myself, where was I? What did I say?,” said English teacher Brittney Hall. 

Although the game was planned to bring in the joy of playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo, some players saw flaws in the mobile game causing rates to drop. 

“I’m an OG Mario Kart person and that game is garbage compared to the real Mario Kart. I think that the maneuvering capabilities are lacking and I definitely prefer to play on the GameCube, Wii, Switch, all of that,” said Hall. 

And in the most recent update of the game, players who want to experience every part of the game, such as special badges and karts, will have to pay up. 

“I heard that it costs $9.99 a month to play multiplayer plus 4.99 for a gold pass… now I don’t play the game anymore,” said junior Tahje Roper. 

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