Mr.Lathrop’s Barbie Bungee

On Friday, October 4th, Physics teacher Mark Lathrop’s Advanced Placement Statistics class took to the sky (and pretty close to the ground) as they participated in their class’s “Barbie Bungee” activity.

Students would string their Barbies up by multiple rubber bands and drop them from Lathrop’s second story classroom.

The goal of the activity was to see who could reach the closest to the ground without actually touching it.

The students calculated how many rubber bands their Barbie may need through many strings of statistical calculations.

When asked why students were asked to do the project, Mr.Lathrop said “I’ve always found this to be a fun and engaging activity and it’s just a great review for our regression week.”

The winning group (as seen in the last photo) received a prestigious award from Lathrop himself, commemorating their accomplishment: a “Barbie Bungee” certificate.

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