Crowded hallways create headaches for students

This school year seniors think this school year has been the more crowded year than the other 3 years they’ve been going here.

“It’s been crowded since my freshman year but this year has been way more crowded,” said senior Chueyee Vue.

Since more and more students come to Everett, the hallways get crowded. When you walk through the hallways you can even get through because how many people there are.

“I hate getting yelled at by the teachers because I’m late,” said senior Ciera Ault.

Students are getting late to class, being shoved around, getting their work knocked out of their hands. Students are getting yelled at by other students because they are either walking slow (or too slow) and getting yelled at because they accidentally shoved someone.

“The [students] get hurt by careless people,’’ said junior Collin Cantwell.

Students classes are way too packed this school year that students are being switched to different class or having to share class materials with classmates because there isn’t enough for everyone.

“My second hour is packed with students,” said senior Nori Silva.

“In my Photoshop class we have to share computers because it is so crowded,” said Cantwell

According to the Lansing School District, Everett is full. Students wanting to attend were placed on a waiting list, and not everyone on the list was accepted. But students think that’s not the best solution for a student’s education.

“No they should not stop the waiting list, some kids actually want and education more than others,” said Vue.

Accepting every student who wants to go to Everett isn’t possible, though. There are only so many seats for students to fill.

A student that was originally from Eastern High School only came to this school because the district had made a mistake.

“They said before summer started I’ll 100% start at Eastern High-school but my family and I were lied to and they sent me to Everett instead,” said senior Alejandro Elizalde.

Elizalde had said he was put onto a waiting list so he can continue to go to Eastern. But the Lansing School District had told him otherwise. 

“They said that they were mistold where was going, but the district messed up and had to just send kids anywhere,” said Elizalde.

The LSD shouldn’t just send kids anywhere the district wants them to be.

Would kids only go to school where they were placed if they had to? Would parents want their kids to wait till they get into the school they wanted them to go? If the waiting list was stopped there would be less kids and the classes and halls and the school being over crowded. 

“I don’t think they can just stop. Where will the kids go? Kids won’t be able to go anywhere else unless transportation is provided,” said Ault.

Assistant principal hates how when he wanders around in the halls that students just stop in the middle of the halls and just talk and how he has to yell at them and tell them to “keep walking”

“Its like traffic when you’re on the highway once one car stops the traffic slows down,” said Assistant Principal Dustin Gill

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