Everett’s Varsity Football Defeats Eastern, 27-14

On September 6, Everett’s varsity football team defeated Eastern High School, 27-14.

Football players were really positive this game was going to be a win. Everett hasn’t lost a football game against Eastern in a while, and the players didn’t want to break that streak. 

“We’re about to smack these lame players,” said senior kicker Eric Hernandez before the game.

Eric said he felt confident about his kicking skills, he learned how to kick the football during the team’s practices. 

Each game is a challenge for the players, before heading to the field the team looks closely at every move the players make.

“We watched film, and we spent all week studying Eastern and their playbook,” said center Karis Brown.

Assistant Coach Wyatt said he expects his players to stay focused and not to get distracted by the competition. 

“[I expect for everyone] to be composed during the game,” said Wyatt.

 As the game went on, stress started to hit the players. Most of the time slight mistakes were made.

Yes, [there was stress]; we got into a couple fights with Eastern and we got a lot of penalties,” said Brown. “We could’ve kept Eastern from scoring at all but we made a few mistakes.”

During half time of the game, Coach Wyatt talked to the players and encouraged them to try harder and to have a good game without any problems.

“We told each other what problems we were having and to stop starting petty arguments with each other,” said Brown. 

The team lost some key seniors from last year, but senior Donovan Espinosa Gonzalez  thinks they are doing just fine without them.

“I feel like we still stayed strong as a team because everyone on the team has a bond but our head coach Jaleel Canty helps us to push each other everyday,” said Gonzalez.


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Arianna Orta

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