NWEA replaces AIMSweb as Lansing’s new aptitude test

Replacing the AIMSweb with the far more comprehensive NWEA test is meant to give Lansing teachers a much better idea of their students’ skill levels.

Attention all students there is a new testing software called Northwest Evaluation Association or NWEA. 

The NWEA is going to replace the AIMSweb test and going to be helpful for students and teachers. The AIMs web took about a month to grade and to get back to the teachers to see what they got. So this test gives you your grade that day and send to your teachers. 

“NWEA is going to help the students by tracking their progress and help the teachers by showing their score to see what they got,” said Algebra 1 teacher Kyle Wills.

Teachers are positive about the move to NWEA.

“This test is designed to help students to see what they need help on and the teacher can see that and focus on those areas,”said Biology Michael Cavanaugh.

This test also helps the school by showing what subjects students need help on.

“[NWEA gives us] much more information of student skills and abilities,” said principal Jaime Gundrum.

The students will be tested on three subjects: reading, language and math. But not all students are test at the same time. Half the high schoolers test one day, and the other half test the other day. 7th and 8th graders tested on yet a different day.

Students thought that the activities were boring.

“The activities were pointless because we just listen to Ok2Say, watch motivating videos and went to the gym to learn the ‘Viking step’,” said junior Luis Villegas-Martinez.

We take this test again in the winter and in the spring, the dates are not set yet.

The school can get money for those results as well.

“Some funding we get is based on the results, where our kids are. “[For example], if the results show we’re low in math we can get money [to help students in math],” said Gundrum.

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