Netflix Needs to Appreciate Old Disney Shows

There is a lot of buzz surrounding old Disney shows being put on Netflix. What is it that makes the shows you watched when you were younger so nostalgic?

Thinking about the shows you watched as a kid sparks something deep inside. There is something special about how you would get so excited when your favorite show came on.

“I was a kid and it was something to do when I wasn’t busy with cheer,” said New Tech freshman Madelyn Greenburg.

There are so many things about Disney that just make you smile. Being a kid was so enjoyable no worries, no responsibilities. The anticipation of running to watch the 5:00 Hannah Montana episode was like no other.

“I really enjoyed Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and That’s So Raven,” said 9th grade New Tech student Sophia Lettau.

Senior Alonna Gomez said that Netflix’s demographic may point more towards older people, and who knows if they would be the ones enjoying these kid flicks.

“I feel like Netflix thinks that people don’t care about them and won’t actually watch them like they watch other shows,” said Gomez.

Disney no longer has the late night reruns that we were all so excited for after our favorite shows were cancelled for good. Having them on Netflix would give users the opportunity to watch them whenever. There are  so many people young and old that enjoy Disney shows. The platform may get a lot more business if they did add them.

“Yes, I feel like Netflix would be more popular if they put old Disney shows and movies on their platform. Adults and kids love Disney shows and movies and would be happy to see them since they aren’t shown on TV as often,” said junior JaNyla Conley.

Junior Jadas Wilson mentions the idea that it seems more practical to just show the older episodes of the Disney shows than have the same actors used for a spin off.

“Most of the people from old Disney shows have gotten older and thought they were too old to act for them,” said Wilson.

It is very interesting seeing a new show on Netflix that has never been seen before. There is something exclusive about knowing that people without Netflix won’t be able to watch the show. However, at the end of the day some people might just not be interested in the old Disney shows.

“I would rather watch Netflix originals because I’ve most likely watched the old Disney shows,” said New Tech freshman Shatiah Covington-McGee.

Netflix has a way for people who would like to see a certain show to let them know. To request your favorite show go to, Who knows, maybe you can get your favorite childhood Disney show on Netflix!

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