Watch out for the hall sweeps!

Tardiness is a problem in countless high schools—it is some teachers’ biggest pet peeve. There are stragglers, and there are wanderers. At some point or another, the staff, other students and teacher get tired of it.

A hall sweep is a procedure that helps keep students from being late to class. During a hall sweep, late students are not allowed into class. Instead, they are sent to the cafeteria for processing. If a student gets caught in too many hall sweeps, it results in a suspension.

‘’Hall Sweeps are done in order to corral students back to class, as we have many students hanging out in the hallway during passing time,’’ said Spanish teacher Kammy Veith. “Sometimes we have students who linger in the hallways even if it is not passing time.”

Hall sweeps are sometimes unannounced, and sometimes an administrator will give a warning about an upcoming sweep.

According to assistant principal Anthony Foster, there are verbal warnings that students get, when a teacher talks to them about their grades or attendance. When a student gets caught in their first hall sweep, it’s a phone call home. Sometimes, after a certain amount of times of getting hall-swept, students can’t partake in any fun school activities or events at the school.

Hall Sweeps are supposed to help motivate students to get to class. Some students say there are many valid reasons for being late to class.

‘’I got caught in a hall sweep for just coming back from the nurse,” said freshman Gaway Abdii. “I didn’t have a pass with me to prove that I came back from the nurse so they sent me to the cafeteria.” Abdii said her time in the cafeteria was a waste, when she could have been in class.

Often, students who get caught up in the hall sweeps are ones who are frequently tardy. Some say that suspending them for being late to class is just giving them a day off of school.

‘’I think they’re useless because people are still not going to class while they call a hall sweep. There are students who are always in the hallways; getting caught in a hall sweep isn’t going to change [that],’’ said junior Olivia Hodge. “It’s also not fair to other students who weren’t supposed to get caught up in a hall sweep.”

Students’ immediate reactions to the sweeps seemed negative. For some students, passing time isn’t always enough time to get to class.

‘’Hall Sweeps are only good like once a day after that it just gets irritating. You can’t use the bathrooms already during pass break or get a drink, you can’t even go to your locker,” said junior Ciera Ault.

Junior Cammryn Mack said the hallways are doing what administration hopes. The halls are clearing way faster during transitions than before. Students are more worried about not getting caught.

‘’They’re getting students to get to class effectively, because they don’t want to get caught in a hall sweep or suspension,” said Mack.


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