College isn’t needed to be successful

The main objective of high school is to prepare students for another higher education, college. Students are encouraged to take classes that feel like college, for example, AP and Honor courses. The SAT is another preparation that students are encouraged to perform excellently on to get them into college. Nonetheless, for a considerable number of students, including me, college isn’t necessary.

Even though there are many professions that require a degree, there are many occupations that don’t require one, some which pay over $70,000 a year. For example, first-line supervisors of police and detectives, air-traffic controllers, careers in transportation, storage, and distribution managers. These occupations that don’t essentially need a degree are just as relevant and beneficial to society as other professions that require college and/or another higher education (according to                  

Knowing that there might be a small chance of getting accepted into the college that you apply for can be a stressful experience. The work that college students get is more difficult and more advanced. High school students are not necessarily ready for the college classes and many haven’t learned how to study when they get to college.

With college can come huge debts. You have to pay for books, tuition, food, and supplies. Students also have to cover any other college fees and other living expenses, such as transportation costs. This can be all add up to $30,000 a year or more. Even after students graduate, they can still have huge debts left over. When I was growing up my parents wanted me to attend college and to “get a better future” for myself but a “good future” doesn’t necessarily mean going to college. I know at least five people who didn’t go to college but are still successful. One of them, Nicole, has built a career as an independent full-time writer and has accumulated over 50 million views on her online writing. Nicole stated that since graduating high school, nobody has asked her what her GPA was. Because the truth is, people really don’t need to know unless dealing with a higher company or business.

Anyone who says you need college in order to be successful has never chosen a project for themselves and pushed it to completion. College helps, and can be a great route for some people. It is even required for certain industries. When I go see a doctor I would hope he/she would have some type of degree. But for many industries, college is pretty unnecessary. What matters far more is whether or not you have the discipline, persistence, and patience to choose your own goals and see them through to completion.

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