Khan Academy helps raise SAT scores

The SAT is fast approaching and as a junior, I feel it looming over me. It’s obvious that in order to do well on such an important test we need to study, but what can we use to do that? Well don’t worry students, the college readiness class all the juniors were put into has got you covered. A main part of the class is spending a set amount of time on the Khan Academy website. Khan Academy is a website full of tools to help students do their best in school. For those who have taken the PSAT, it is possible to enter your score to receive personalized questions. With such a grandiose tool at our disposal, we should be using it all the time, right?

Khan Academy is a wonderful and useful website for the students who want to do their best, not only on the SAT, but in their classes in general. What about the students who see spending time on Khan as nothing more than an assignment in their college readiness class; are they actually able to study for the SAT effectively without it? Of course there is a component of personal responsibility to this, but it should be a teacher’s duty to try and encourage the use of Khan as much as possible; they don’t really give us too much else to study with, after all. Everyone has different ways of studying, but with Khan, some of us don’t seem to be using the service to its full extent.

For those students who do use Khan Academy week after week in order to make the most of their studying time, is it even worth it? After spending all this time using the site, does it improve confidence for the test?

“I wouldn’t say I feel confident, but I feel more comfortable with the thought of the SATs coming up,” said junior Rene Gelista. “Obviously I’m still nervous, but using the website is like a source of comfort.”

This could hold true for any number of students, and this may be the point of having us use Khan Academy: it gives us another leg to stand on if other forms of studying don’t work. For Gelista, Khan is a useful tool.

“While doing the practice SAT, I have found myself improving my scores the more often I use the website,” said Gelista.

This statement could also hold true for many others, but just because one person may feel that they are improving doesn’t mean everyone does. It’s all about how much time you spend using it. Gelista agreed, stating he feels that using Khan Academy two to three days a week is fair, but recommends four or five if you really want to do good.

Again, improving your scores depends on how much you use the website, just like studying for any normal test in class. Gelista left us with his thoughts on whether or not he would suggest using Khan Academy to younger students.

“I definitely suggest younger students utilize this website so you’re more than ready [for] your SATs in the future,” said Gelista.

It’s clear that Khan Academy is effective, it simply depends on how much you use it. The more you use the website the more you’ll progress and the more your score will improve. Something based on personal responsibility may not be the right choice for everyone. If you’re the type of person who needs to be told to study or prepare, Khan Academy may not be the site for you. Maybe having someone remind you, or getting worksheets would be more effective in studying.

Khan Academy is effective. The more time spent, it’s more likely you’ll do better when the SATs rolling around. If you’re a junior, don’t take this for granted, use the tools given to you and be sure to get the most out of your time. Take at least thirty minutes out of your day, every day, and just do some studying. All that time will pay off in the end.

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