Places to go for Spring Break

Students and graduates are booking their plans for Spring Break 2019! The most popular spring break destinations are Cancun and Panama City Beach according to

“For Spring Break, we’re all going in on a beach house. The more people you have, the less money you have to spend,” said senior Dae’Chelle Bell.

Many seniors are renting homes near or in their tropical destinations with large groups of people. It’s becoming more common as the years go by.

As we’re approaching spring break season, some students stated they’ve seen multiple ads related to spring break. The ads feature vacation packages, hotel discounts, and party flyers.

“No one wants to go somewhere cold. Everybody will be somewhere hot, and where there’s parties 24/7,” said sophomore Miracle Jackson. That is one of the main reasons Florida is the “go to” state for vacations.

According to, spring break packages to Panama City Beach average between $900-$2,300. Packages cover flight and hotel. The demand for hotels and flights skyrocket for spring break every year, making it very costly.

Not all students will be traveling for spring break. Some choose not to, some can’t because of personal reasons, and some simply can’t afford it.

“I’ll be at work getting extra hours. It’s better than sitting in the house all week,” said junior Se’Ary Curry. Most jobs require you to request weeks or even months prior to the days you want off. Some working students are stuck at home because they were denied time off, or they forgot to notify their job in time.

For the stay-home students, many businesses offer spring break deals. This gives students and family the opportunity to still have fun at home.

“The only thing to do here is go to parties or the movies,” said eighth grader De’Veah Hoskins.

Many students mentioned they enjoy going to house parties thrown by peers or students from other schools.

In Lansing, the Boys and Girls Club features a year round membership for only $10. For spring break 2019, they’ll be open from 9am-5pm for students ages 7-17. They offer games, learning, sports, and crafts. Many students find the BGC as an “escape from home,” according to senior Marcus Miller.

Also, Edrus Skate A Rama will be hosting a spring break lock-in. Edrus offers laser tag, food, arcade games, and skating. The lock in will be $20.

Zap Zone in West Lansing offers laser tag, bumper cars, glo golf, trampolines, and more. On Tuesdays, everything is half off per person. Their prices range from $5-$8.

Celebration Cinema and NCG, has $5 movies every Tuesday. Prices usually run from $6-$15 on normal business days.

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