Seniors, would you rather skip or graduate?

Seniors all have an end goal: to walk across that stage and graduate on time. For some people, their senior year has been easy-going and not stressful. For others, they are stressed trying to cram in all of their missing work before the semester ends. Students that are in class every day and make an effort to be in class know what they are doing and get the best grades.

A big problem that many students have their senior year is “senioritis.” Most seniors have senioritis at some point of their senior year. Senioritis makes students have the lack of caring about going to class, just wanting to be done with high school and starting their adult life.

Because of senioritis, students skip school… sometimes, a lot. There are some seniors that will only go to certain classes such as core classes. If you’re a senior that is on track to graduate, you may have a schedule full of electives that aren’t needed to graduate. If a student feels there is no point in going to that class, they may decide there is no reason for going. Although they may not need the class to graduate, failing a class will still bring down that student’s GPA.

There are some consequences for missing class besides a failing grade. The school is cracking down on how many classes a student misses, and if a student misses a certain amount of classes they will have to deal with consequences, such as a phone call home, suspension, and even being told they aren’t allowed to participate in school dances like homecoming and prom. Seniors should not let missed classes mess up their chance to go to something as big as prom.

Skipping once in a while isn’t too bad. You should make sure you know what the class is doing that day, and know you won’t be behind before you make the decision to miss class. But if you are going to skip, don’t make it a regular thing. You’ll reach the point where you’re too far behind in class because you chose to go get food every day (the main reason why students skip).

I don’t blame students for skipping or going during their lunch hour to get food, either. Students are hungry and we don’t want to eat the school’s food for many reasons.

Giving in to senioritis and not coming to school can cause problems, like missing out on important events, suspension, and maybe even failing a required class and repeating your senior year. If you are skipping, keep it to a minimum so you get to walk across that stage with everyone else in June.

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