6th graders tour Everett

6th graders have been coming to Everett for a tour and to take a look at what the school looks like. According to Everett Pathway Navigator Doreatha Rusher, the tour is a chance for students to get a look at the type of school we have.

“I believe it is a good idea for 6th grade students to participate in high school tours because they are given an opportunity to find out early what a typical day is like and what programs are available to them,” said Rusher.

Parents have a chance to support their kids in the decision of school they decide to go to.

“[Students can] make a decision as to which school they would like to attend next year based upon their experiences rather than a false perception,” said Rusher.

The visit allows Everett a chance to show the 6th graders the options the school offers.

“They can learn about the culture and different athletics and clubs,” said New Tech focus teacher/Instructional coach, Ginney Stokes.

The teachers have a way to help the students in what they need, as they already know how the students are, and how they behave.

“I think it’s a great idea for 6th graders to visit local high schools. I believe that in order to have a smooth transition to 7th grade they should have an idea of how high school works,” said 6th grade teacher/Promise Pathfinder Selena Rubio.

The visits help the students see what high school is like, but it’s also helpful when parents hear about the trip from their students.

“I believe parents are excited for students to visit the local area high schools. Students share the excitement and their experience with their families,” said Rubio. “As a parent myself, I think it’s very important to open the lines of communication with students as they transition to high school. There are so many changes.”

Students and parents also have benefits to see what is going on and what has to be expected.

“I think that the 6th graders can have a feel of what to expect, expectations and feel the excitement of a high school,” said Rubio.

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