Students present environmental project at MSU

Yesterday, members of The Voice staff and a group of Klaudia Burton’s environmental science students spent the day presenting at MSU. The groups received a $2,000 grant last year to investigate water quality and treatment. They presented their work to the Knight Foundation for Environmental journalism, the grant’s sponsor.

The students who presented said they felt like this was a good opportunity, and one that could really impact our environment in a good way.

“Just knowing other schools in Michigan want to contribute to the environment encourages me to do more projects like these and worry about our environment more,” said senior Kingsley Caldwell. “I feel like using all of our projects together would benefit our environment a lot.”

Even though the groups already received the grant, students were still nervous about presenting.

“I was definitely nervous at first but then as Burton introduced everything I was more comfortable,” said senior Tiaja Perry.

Burton’s students were not only proud of their own work but the other schools’ projects as well.

“I think their projects were great. [They] had a lot of important ideas on how to improve our environment,” said Caldwell.

While The Voice plans on spending their portion of the grant on new equipment, Burton plans on spending her portion to continue the research with her classes.

“We used the grant to pay for hosting of the website, and investment in audio and video equipment to help beef up our multimedia coverage,” said Chad Sanders, Adviser of The Viking Voice.

“I’m going to buy lab equipment for my AP environmental class, and then some equipment and resources for my biology class,” said Burton.

Sanders said he feels like covering this project helped his staff gain in-depth knowledge of what they were writing.

This was a story that would have probably been a news brief. The grant made reporters dig deeper into what they were doing with their water project,” said Sanders. “I know the reporters learned a lot more about their subject than they normally would. I see this project as inspiring them to do more coverage like this in the future.”

Features Editor of The Voice, Juan Morales, agrees with Sanders’ statement that this was different than most stories he’s written.

“It was interesting deep-diving into everybody’s project and seeing it from Burton’s perspective,” said Morales.

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