Jazz band plays at swearing-in ceremony

On Thursday, March 7, Everett High School’s Jazz Band played its first gig of the year. The band played at a reception at City Hall. The reception followed the judicial swearing-in ceremony of Cynthia M. Ward. Prior to becoming a judge, Ward served as a civil rights lawyer and Assistant Dean of Students at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. At her reception, the jazz band played a set of eight songs as guests enjoyed food and congratulated Ward. the guest list included many notable judges and lawyers. According to the crowd, the jazz band was a hit.

“My students were awesome. One person mentioned that she thought they were college students,” said band teacher Penny Filonczuk. “We would definitely play at events like this again.”

The jazz band’s next event is on Friday, March 22. They will be performing for Everett’s Spring Collage Concert in the auditorium.

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