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temperatureMichigan is often known for its terrible weather, that’s no shock to anyone. Usually, we try to stay inside, where we expect the temperature to be more regulated. Well, it seems we’re mistaken. Everett just can’t seem to get their heating or air conditioning under control. We’ve all had that classroom we all dread going to simply because of how hot or cold it is — and it could be both in the same day.

All the classrooms at Everett seem to have different temperatures; some of the differences between any two are so drastic, it feels like a whole new climate suddenly overtook the entire school.

The constant repairs done by the school — along with constant complaints from students and staff alike — should give a signal that something needs to be changed, whether it’s a total overhaul of the heating and cooling systems or small, long-term repairs, a fix should come before we all fry in the summertime or freeze in the winter.

We all know that Michigan is known for its awful winters and the most important thing to us Michiganders can have is heat. But wait, you say the heat in Everett doesn’t seem to work reliably? Well, unfortunately, heat wasn’t something Everett students enjoyed during the polar vortex.. During this period of arctic weather, we had to come in for our last day of finals and the cold followed us in. During and after the test the chatter of student’s teeth could be heard as they zipped up their coats and huddled underneath their blankets.

How could students possibly be able to focus with the cold breathing down their neck? It’s unrealistic to expect students to be able to do work to the best of their ability, not only from the four snow days we had but having the cold constantly on their mind. For a state known for its arctic temperatures in winter, it should be expected our school should at least be able to give us some heat.

Our temperature can change in the blink of an eye as well, so on the other side we have Michigan’s summers. This time of year is usually taken up by people complaining that they wish it was cold again, finding a seat next to the air conditioning unit. We run into another dilemma here, which is Everett’s air conditioning seems to be broken at least 75% of the time—and that’s during a good year.

Last year the air conditioning in question was broken and the summer heat was at its fullest. Things got to the point where Everett staff had to pass out bottles of water just to make sure everyone was hydrated and safe. Doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous? Rather than seeing an issue that has been present multiple years before and fixing the air conditioning, it was left to be broken during one of the hottest summers we’ve ever seen. Maybe this year we’ll get lucky and before summer slaps us in the face the air conditioning will be fixed, or maybe we just need to bring our own cases of water.

It turns out in fact, most of the classrooms inside of Everett don’t even have A/C, they have a different unit called a ‘chiller’. A chiller runs cold water through pipes and a fan then blows on the pipes helping carry the cold air throughout the classroom. There are two main problems with this system however. One, this chiller system isn’t very effective most of the time, even though it may give a small break from the scorching heat, but it doesn’t seem to last that long. Two, because the system hasn’t been used in months there is a chance the pipes may burst, causing leaks in classrooms all over the building (this happened last year because the system hadn’t been used in such a long time. In all honesty we can’t really blame the A/C because most the classrooms don’t have any to begin with.

Everett has a lot to fix, clearly. Since we’ve all heard of the rumored construction and repair of Everett, the students can’t help but wonder, when are they finally going to fix the heat and A/C? Making this a priority of the repairs would surely save the ears of administrators from complaints of students and staff alike and save the students from yet another year of flaming summers and frozen winters. So dear Everett administrators, please fix these pressing issues, because if you don’t, then you’re going to subject your students to another grueling summer. Better get the water ready.

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