Dating in high school isn’t always worth it


You should enjoy the freedom of high school. The teenage years are a period of physical and psychological growth, and dating in high school does not bring any benefits. High school sweethearts don’t really last, or at least it is very rare. A recent online survey of people who got married between 2006 and 2007 found that a mere 14% of couples had met in school (including college). Most people split ways, go off to college, change as a person, and develop new goals once they graduate high school. It is the rare few that don’t do so, or who manage to stay together after high school. The same survey found that less than 2% of high school boyfriend or girlfriend stay together after high school.

However, there are pros to dating in high school during your senior year. In your senior year, you are starting your life and you are going to be out of school soon. It is appropriate to have boyfriends and girlfriends your senior year of high school because you are going to graduate and you can spend more time with them. Who knows, you and your partner could end up being that 2% of high school sweethearts that make it. Or, maybe you’ll end up the best of friends. Couples in high school tend to break up during the summer when they find out they both are going different directions.

Most high schoolers are not mature enough to handle a relationship at the moment; some high schoolers are not even honest enough to have a committed relationship. The point is, you shouldn’t be dating in high school; you should be trying to find yourself, make new life time friends, focusing on your grades and your future, and not worrying about whether or not to be in a relationship.

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