Marvel’s Spider-Man: detail & gameplay is amazing

Marvel’s Spider Man is an action/adventure game developed by Insomniac Games that has been highly anticipated since its announcement at the game awards end of 2017. It’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive that as of now is the highest selling Playstation 4 game, selling 9 million copies total, with 3.3 million copies sold in just the first weekend.

Spider Man starts off with Peter Parker, aka Spider Man, (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) helping the New York police department lead by Yuri Watanabe (voiced by Tara Platt) take down and capture Wilson Fisk (codenamed Kingpin in the comics). After Spider Man is done fighting Fisk, he is late for his job as Doctor Octavius’ lab assistant, where they work on mechanical prosthetics that are controlled by the brain. Doctor Octavius has just failed a big test of his device, and tells Peter (the player) to go see what he did wrong in the programming. This brings up the first introduction to puzzles. They aren’t a big part of the game, but there are a lot of them. Puzzles allow the player to unlock the map, use frequency towers to locate crime, backpacks and more. The puzzles get harder the higher the difficulty level. To the game’s credit, a player could turn on the feature to skip the puzzles. There are some puzzles that cannot be skipped, though. In these, you have to be either Mary Jane or Miles Morales and do stealth missions and you have to figure out how to get past security and other challenges.

The graphics are phenomenal, to the point where some New Yorkers can zoom in on certain parts of the map and find their house. Spider Man games have evolved over the years from the very first Spider Man ever being a vertical scroller made in 1982 for the Atari 2600. It has then evolved into the 4k ultra game that it is today.

The attention to detail is excellent. For example, the amount of ways you travel above, under and or over things an example is if the player decides to run on a wall sideways the graphics display it different than running up. Since Spider Man isn’t a killer there are a lot of time where you might knock or throw someone off a building and wonder if they lived. There but there is a mechanic in the game so when a player knocks a enemy off a building they are automatically webbed to the wall. Details are so in depth that when you hit an enemy, spit flies out of their mouth. The audio is tuned to what Spider-Man is doing, so the audio of different conversations changes. If Spider-Man is running, his voice sounds as if he is running. Depending on what the player has Spider-Man doing. the cut-scenes will change. For example, the suit that the player is currently wearing will be in the cut-scene and not changed to the default suit. The attention to little details like that are the very reasons why Spider Man was a nominee for Game of the Year. The combat is very smooth and runs excellently throughout the game. Some villains are easier than others to fight, and the player can set the difficulty higher based on how they want to play. The highest the difficulty setting is spectacular  because the developers wanted their game to be played more than once, until you beat the game Then you can unlock the “ultimate” difficulty, a setting that was added in a recent patch.

The combat evolves through the story by skill points which the player has to obtain by doing the main story missions or side missions, which generate less but still gives you a decent amount. The harder the level the more experience points. Gaining experience makes the fights easier, adding counter measures for all the shooting and weapons that the opposition uses. Also, Spider-Man has a number of suits, 28 in total, which are all hidden and unlocked by collecting Crime tokens, Landmark tokens, Backpack tokens, Research tokens and Challenge tokens. Another feature for after you beat the game is New Game Plus (NG+), which carries over progress from the previous play-through when you try again.    


As one of the best games in PS4 history, the downloadable content (DLCs) must be up to par with the original story. So far, there are three different episodes for download. The first one features Black Cat who was present through the game but didn’t play a big part in the main story. She hid cat dolls around the map for the player to find, unlocking a suit called the “dark suit” and results in the player finding her temporary lair. The second DLC is called “Turf Wars.” This episode follows SpiderMan and Yuri trying to stop HammerHead from taking over other Maggia gangs around NYC for his own personal gain. The final episode is called “Silver Lining” which brings back Sliver Stable to retrieve her tech stolen from HammerHead with or without the help of Spider-Man. Spider Man might not be done with DLCS, with the announcement of a new unnamed DLC. It will be something “Fantastic,” according to Marvel.  

The game is a masterpiece, being labeled the best Spider-Man game ever made. I have beaten it twice, and there may be a third play-through on the way  I give it a 9.5/10 on the Chris Scale.

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