Best places to take senior photos

IMG_1524Senior year is here and schedules are starting to get busy. From college applications to testing to prom, seniors have a lot to do. One of the many senior items on the to-do list is senior pictures.

Some senior pictures might be taken by a building, while others like a more natural scene.

“I would take my pictures by any type of water,” said senior Makayla Chandler.

Most photographers edit photos in order to make sure students like them, and allow students to approve the edits before printing.

‘‘I would [see the edits] so that I won’t [look] stupid. I don’t want to [look] orange in my pictures,” said Chandler.

Senior pictures aren’t new, and most teachers at Everett took theirs when they were in school.

“I took my pictures at Grand River Rd in Williamston,” said 9th grade math teacher Heather Wingett.

Many teachers took their pictures somewhere very special to them while others took theirs somewhere that was fresh.

“[My photos were] somewhere where a lot of people were hanging out around at the time because I didn’t go looking around for a place,” said Wingett.

Looking for spots that reminds students of their hometown is very memorable to a lot of students.

“I took my first session at The Ledges in Grand Ledge because the background colors were bright with fall colors and I remember going there when I was younger,” said senior Kenidee Lynn.

When looking for a place to take pictures, photographers know great places to take them.

“Recently I’ve done work in downtown Grand Ledge, some amazing work in Eaton Rapids, and a lot around old town,” said 2017 alumni Dalen Rosario.

When it comes to senior pictures, having all your ideas ready is major key to a successful photo shoot.The Lansing area has great places for pictures, but if you’re looking for photos before the snow falls, time is running out.

“I took my pictures in Old Town because there’s a lot of scenery down there,” said senior Albert Mask.

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