What seniors need to know now!

Four months left! Seniors, you’re about to graduate soon! Here’s everything you need to know before you do!

Remember, just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean you don’t need to go to class. Keep your grades up for better opportunities, and most importantly, make sure to end the year with twenty-two credits to graduate! Don’t worry if you’re a bit behind on credits; you can always talk to your counselor about doing APEX to make sure you get those missing credits!

Graduation isn’t too far away! If you were unable to purchase a cap and gown with Jostens when they came to the school, you can still buy it online at https://www.jostens.com and search “Everett High School” and enter the zip code “48910”. The price of the cap and gown package (comes with tassel and medallion) totals $40 + taxes & fees.

Have you thought about what comes next? If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to apply for colleges, financial aid, and scholarships! There’s still time! Alongside the online resources that can be found below, feel free to ask the College Adviser, Ms. Peña, or any of the College Ambassadors for help!


Free Application For Student Aid: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa

(**The FAFSA deadline is March 1, 2019)


Scholarship Websites:




(**Be careful when applying for scholarships on third-party websites. Scholarships do NOT cost money or require your Social Security Number, so if any ask for either, don’t apply for those ones)

If you are eligible for the Lansing Promise scholarship, apply for it on http://lansingpromise.org/apply.

After getting accepted to a college, there’s still things you need to do before it starts such as paying your deposit, choosing your housing (either at home or in the dorms), and choosing your orientation date. It’s important to choose the earliest available orientation date in order to have more and better choices for classes.

Good luck, and don’t wait until the last minute to do all of this! The earlier you get it all out of the way the better!

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