FRIENDS expected to leave Netflix after 2019

friends-graphicFor years, we’ve been able to stream all ten seasons of the iconic show at our leisure. Now, we must binge, because there’s a deadline at the end of 2019 on our Friends-watching.

After Netflix announced Friends would be gone at the end of 2018, there was a social media uproar. Netflix made a deal to buy the rights for another year…for $100 million.

So fans, you have 11 months to race through the series if you have not seen all 10 seasons.

Young and even older people that grown up watching this show are aghast that Friends will leave Netflix.

“Upset that such a classic is getting taken away,” said junior Livvy Davis.

This generation we’ve been watching shows that our parents grew up watching, and we learned to love and enjoy them just as much as our parents have.

“My dad used to watch it all the time so I grew up watching it,” said 8th grader Colleen Pender.

Some only watched it because they had nothing to watch and many people recommended it or randomly started watching it.

“My friends told me it was a good show so they recommended it to me,” said junior Lizzy Leland.

Surprisingly not all Friends fans have watched all 10 seasons and are currently in the beginning.

“I’m currently on season five,” said Leland.

People have their own opinions but that’s not stopping from the people that love and enjoy this show to keep watching it over and over again.

“It’s funny and I like comedy,” said junior Joe Hernandez.

Some don’t like the show because they say it’s boring and not very entertaining.

“I think the show is trash,” said sophomore Amara Tyler.

After hearing the news these Friends fans are disappointed and upset.

“I don’t think they will take it off,” said Hernandez.

Fans think they aren’t really taking it off and that Netflix is just saying that so they can get more customers to make more money. Others have a feeling that the only reason Netflix is getting rid of Friends is because it’s been around for a long time and that it’s time to let the old shows go and let the new shows come in.

“I think it’s something to do with customers, just like they took 8 Mile off then added it back on,” said Pender.

Hulu is another app just like Netflix that streams many new and older shows and movies. So if you don’t have Hulu, you should download it and watch Friends when Netflix takes it off.

“Some people should have both cause if they haven’t finished it on Netflix,” said Leland

Not everyone knew about the announcement Netflix made about them taking Friends off January 1st.

Having a adult that grew up watching this show also loves friends and enjoys watching and is very sad that it will be leaving Netflix.“I did not know until you just brought it up to me,” said math teacher Jennifer Frinkle.


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