Mamma Mia!

Donna and the dynamos: Julia Tominski, Ellie Emmons, and Adiana Latham
Donna and the dynamos: Julia Tominski, Ellie Emmons, and Adiana Latham

After months of preparation, the musical showing of Mamma Mia! is now finished, leaving the cast reflecting on the performance.

“Mamma Mia was loads of fun. I became friends with people I never thought I’d be friends with. I’m so thankful to participate,” said senior Julia Tominski. “It brings me joy to perform on stage. Theater is so amazing.”

Many cast members struggled throughout the process; learning how to read music, overcoming stage fright, and remembering their lines.

“The overall show was pretty great, everything turned out as it should have. I often had trouble with remembering songs and lines because of stage fright,” said senior Adiana Latham.

With how quickly the week came up, the cast was worried about the musical being “show ready.”

“I was worried because curtain was coming up so soon and we weren’t ready, but everything turned out really nice,” said junior Audrie Rodriguez.

After its three-day showing, the musical was finally finished. The long, hard-working cast and crew got to breathe and reflect over everything they had accomplished.

“I wish it aired for another weekend.” said Music Director Alan Sloan. “Mamma Mia was such a hit.”

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