Snowfall comes to Lansing, along with dreams of snow days

The school district has a limit of six snow days without having to make up days.
The school district has a limit of six snow days without having to make up days.

Snowfall has begun early in Lansing this year and with snow comes snow days. Students have begun bundling up, coming to school in their coats, hats, gloves and boots waiting for snow days that will be coming soon. These days off from school are given because it is hard on students to go to school with the cold weather. More importantly it is harder to commute to school as the driving conditions become dangerous for cars and school buses. It is especially difficult for those students who walk to school. Although not everyone enjoys the cold weather tons of people do enjoy snow days.

“One of the only good thing about winter is having the days off from school,” said senior Jade Walker. Snows days are also beneficial in other ways. It acts as an unexpected break for students to do whatever they need to.

“I like snow days because it gives me extra time to complete unfinished work, study, and do whatever else i need to for school,” said former Lansing student Halima Ahmed.

The ice on the roads and also the snow can make it hazardous for school buses and those who are driving. Students who walk also face difficulties with the unshoveled as well as icy sidewalks.

“It hate how it’s slippery outside,” said senior Simaura Gowens. “Especially when I have to walk to school.”

While students are forced to endure the cold now, soon they will be able to enjoy a few days off from school because of the snow.

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