SAT Testing Stress At Everett

When it comes to your junior year, the SAT is one of the most important parts of the year.

Juniors and some seniors are stressed about the SAT.

The SAT was held April 10.Capture

It had 5 timed sections, making the test even more stressful.

Test scores are sent colleges of their choosing and the test score can determine whether or not students get into a specific university or qualify for scholarships.
Students have been taking practice tests for years, but some said they still didn’t feel ready.
“It came really quickly. I felt prepared, but not prepared enough,” said junior Amanda Ice.

Teachers have been trying to prepare students for the SAT all year long. After the test was over, Ice said she “felt relieved; I don’t really have to worry about it again unless I decided to take it again.”
Teachers prep students throughout high school. “The best thing to do is brush up on basic math skills,” said ESL teacher Dr. Bob Dalton. “Practice the kind of essay writing the SAT is looking for.”
A lot of the teachers help practice these skills, but it isn’t something you can prepare for at the last minute.
“You can’t cram before the night before,” said Dalton. “It’s a test that takes a picture of your skills and makes you look at where you are with [them].”
The SAT is definitely something to take seriously, and students tend to be stressed because of how important it is. It’s not designed to be easy or for a perfect score. Teachers and students prep and prepare, but for some, it does not stop the overwhelming feelings they have.

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