Water Quality Unit: a lengthy, enjoyable project

Though the water quality project in Klaudia Burton’s environmental science class was lengthy and required much thought, students said they still found it enjoyable.

Junior Tomas Keck’s favorite portion was the debate activity that took place in class. The topic was on whether river dams are beneficial or harmful to the environment.

“I chose that we shouldn’t have [dams] because it kills fish [and] it kills the land,” Keck said.

Junior Koren King felt very satisfied once she finally finished the project.

“My favorite part was finishing the project. [The paper] was about eight pages long so finishing it felt great,” said King.

Though tiring, other students along with King found it very gratifying when it was all said and done.

“It made me open my eyes more because there are countries and places that have terrible water and they still drink out of it,” junior Tino Garcia said.

The effect on junior Kingsley Caldwell expanded his mind greatly. He’s an example of Burton’s end goal for all of her students in being a strong advocate for the preservation of water quality for the sake of the next generation.

“I’m more aware about water quality and I feel like water quality is important later on in the future due to how poorly our water is treated and obviously we as humans need water to survive.”

Along with learning about water, King felt like the project helped her conduct research better now.

“I think that I learned very effectively. The research helped me learn a lot about water quality and it showed me  it to do research effectively,” said King.

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