Everett students go to MSU Campus Tour

Today, students went on a campus visit to Michigan State University to learn more about the school and explore its campus.

It started off with a presentation by the person in charge of campus tours. Soon after, everyone was split into three groups and toured different parts of the campus which included the library and dorm rooms. Afterwards, students headed down to Brody Square to eat lunch before leaving to go back to school.

Some students said the campus tour was very helpful.

“I personally enjoyed our tour guide because she’s a freshman and I felt like I relate to her,” said junior Zakari Williams.

While many students thought most MSU classes were large, they soon learned that not all of them are.

“[I liked] when we went inside the classroom because it was a realization that they’re not all 500-people classes,” said Williams.

Students really enjoyed being able to see where they would be living if they chose MSU.

“[My favorite part was] looking at the dorm rooms,” said junior Paris Leek.

There were also some MSU stories or myths shared by the tour guide.

“I liked learning about the towers because she told the story of how if you kissed someone at it at midnight then you’d be together forever,” said junior Rosa Evans.

Most of the students really enjoyed eating lunch at Brody.

“I liked seeing the campus. The food was good, too,” said junior Martaysia Brown

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