Science/journalism partnership wins grant

On January 15, journalism teacher Chad Sanders’ and science teacher Klaudia Burton’s journalism and environmental science classes received a Knight Center Environmental Journalism Grant to put toward their classes. The two teachers applied for the grant together on November 27. Each teacher receives $1,000 to use for whatever their class needs.

The journalism class is planning to use the $1,000 they received as further funding for The Viking Voice to continue publishing newspapers.

“I’ve received grants for things like cameras in the past, but no one ever wants to fund printing, which is our biggest need,” said Sanders. “The Knight grant is rare in that it specifically goes
towards printing our newspaper.”

They also had agreed on creating a timeline of the science class project by going to any field trips they took to cover that information.

Meanwhile, the grant money received by the Environmental Science class will go towards any materials needed for the class, with a specific project in mind.

Students in Burton’s class are very excited and happy about the class, and for this funding.

“I enjoy my Environmental Science class, because it teaches me relevant information about the environmental issues around us and provides an interesting way to learn it because of our amazing teacher,” said senior Hailey Knapp.

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