Red Cross Comes Back To Everett

On Tuesday, the American Red Cross came to Everett for the second time to accept blood donations.

There were plenty of people who signed up to donate blood, but unfortunately not everyone ended up showing up or couldn’t.

“We had 38 people sign up, but there were some walk-ins,” said senior Ruth Horta; President of National Honor Society. “A lot of 16 year olds didn’t turn in their permission slips.”

There were no incentives to donating; people did it because they want to help out others.

“[I’m donating because] I want to help people who need it,” said senior Anna Craig.

Even though she wanted to, she unfortunately couldn’t donate because she didn’t meet the requirements. Other students had the same problem.

“I tried but my iron was too low,” said Craig.

Alongside Everett, there are plenty of other schools working with the organization and donating blood.

“We take care of a huge portion of Michigan, and there are hundreds of different schools in that area. Plus we do a lot of colleges and universities,” said American Red Cross Head Nurse Robert Jones.

Donating blood was a little frightening for some people.

“I’m very [scared] because it’s something I’ve never done before,” said senior Celeste Montalvo.

There are hundreds of other schools that participate in the organization’s blood drive.

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