Everett Knitting Club Helps Haven House

On December 18, students in the knitting club donated knitted and crocheted items to Haven House, a local homeless shelter.
“I feel great, because it’s helping people,” said 7th Grade Briala Lopez.
Students said it felt really good to giving back to the community.
“Amazing it felt successful, I chose Haven House because they are special to me,” said Sophomore Audrie Rodriguez.
Haven House was very grateful for the donated items.

“We’re excited about them; we are going to be able to use them in the house,” said Volunteer & Special Projects Coordinator Chequoya Spearman.
Students knitted washcloths, headbands, scarves, and blankets for the organization. Each family has chores to do as a part of staying the shelter, and Spearman said that the donations may help chores a little bit easier.
“They have chores maybe if we give them these fancy ones then they will want to do them more,” said Spearman.
They will be using the items in the house and also giving them to families that are leaving.

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