Lucas Holliday From The Voice Visits Everett

Noah Nelson

Lucas Holliday, the singer from Lansing, MI who appeared on The Voice came back to his home school as a guest speaker. Those lucky enough to have had him in your class see that he truly cares about the students here at Everett.IMG_4400

He went over things such as exploring and finding your passion, along with telling his unique story about how he found him and got where he is today. Encouraging students to pursue their dreams and strive to be the best they can be was his main point.

“Never stop learning, absorb as much knowledge as you can, Even when you reach your goals,” said former Everett alumni Lucas Holiday.

Another topic he wanted to make is for students not to stress. Telling them that it may take awhile to find out what you want in life, but once you find it make sure you don’t lose it. Singing is his passion and he loves it although it doesn’t provide as much as he wants, he’s happy.

Glossing over these things you can tell he has a wholesome and caring personality towards the students. He even performed for them.

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