Everett Prepares for School Play

The first fall play since 2012 opens Friday, December 15, and excitement is building.
The Grimm Brothers Spectaculathon is 200 Grimm fairy tales put together, including characters we have never seen before like the Devil’s Grandmother and the Girl Without Hands. IMG_9479
A small theatre budget has made mounting a large play a challenge, but the directors have been hard at work finding funds for a future show.
“We wrote a grant to do a musical next semester which we’ve gotten,” said Co-director Cathleen Weaver. “We wouldn’t be able to do a musical if hadn’t got the grant because there is not enough money in the school district to put on a big production like that.”
Weaver has a small budget set aside for the play, and they are working with they have. The cast has helped make things for the set, and costumes weren’t a problem.
“We let the cast chose what type of costumes they wanted, so we did the best to match what they were thinking,” said Weaver. “We have a big costume room, it’s a disaster but it’s full of all types of stuff.”
Weaver hopes the play is successful.
“Successful means many things, that everyone shows up and does their best is success,” said Weaver, “I think getting a good crowd is important; the kids that are doing this have worked very hard and it would be nice getting a lot of the community in to see the play.”
All the money raised is to be put back into the budget to be used for the next production. Tickets are available online at bit.ly/everettgrimm. Adults are $5, students are $3 and kids under five are free.

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