Viking Voice Fund Raises For Newspaper

On Tuesday, The Viking Voice started a fundraiser to raise money to print their December issue. This fundraiser is a bake sale. Students, staff, and anyone else that wants to buy baked goods and a variety of goods can find them after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 50 cents every week until Winter Break.

Members of The Viking Voice sold chocolate muffins and cookies.
Members of The Viking Voice sold chocolate muffins and cookies.

“The bake sale is for newspaper class so we can print our December issue before winter break,” said business manager for the Viking Voice Asia Ruiz-Newton.
The Fundraising process is very interesting. Students in newspaper sign up to bring in things to sell at the bake sale
“People in the class signed for a specific day and are ordered to bring in cookies, cupcakes, drinks, and anything that you can sell to help raise money,” said Ruiz.
Students enjoyed the fundraiser and the food! Students were informed what the bake sale was for. They were very generous.
“I bought a cookie from them because even though it wasn’t much of a contribution to their total, they were that much closer to reaching it,” said sophomore Carlos Lopez.
The bake sale is a very important thing going on for Newspaper.
Not only are they doing this to print their paper, they’re doing this print the paper to inform students about all the different things that are going on inside of their school that they may bypass every day.
“It’s a good thing they’re doing this. Printing their paper is important so students can read about what is going in their school,” said Lopez.

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