Everett Students Head to CMU Journalism Conference

On Saturday, November 11, five students went with Mr. Sanders to a Journalism Rocks, A CMU Journalism workshop for the day.

The Journalism Workshop was dedicated to Kim Kozian, a CMU staff member who recently passed away in August.

The event held multiple events throughout the day and had an opening ceremony for Kozian.IMG_6347

One of the workshops featured was on Website Design, like the concepts of User Experience vs Interface.

The easiest analogy I can give is that if User Interface is like a glass bottle, then User Experience is like a squeeze bottle of ketchup,” said the instructor.

The class also covered basic layout design concepts.

“Don’t underestimate the beauty of negative space,” continued the instructor.

Another class was on providing focus to a newspaper, and how modern day people are constantly reading online websites for news almost all of the time.

For the third class, Head of CMU Life Dave Clark did a class on improving interviews.

“Interviewing is the thing that, as reporters, we do 80% of the time, but it’s the part we never address,” said Clark.

During the Interview Class, the students were split up after taking notes and were given an interesting assignment.

“Each of you has been given a piece of paper, and it’s your job to find the answer to this question, but you can’t ask it,” said Clark.

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