9th Graders Finish IsoArt Project

CaptureTwo weeks ago, 9th grade New Tech teachers Sarah Schumacher and Kyle Wills taught a three – week project based on Art and Geometry.

It consisted of activities such as Origami, Tessellations, and Radial Designs.

“Mr. Wills had to teach those things, Tessellation, Transformation, and reflection in his Isometries unit, so we came up with art projects to fit with the unit,” said Schumacher.
Many students enjoyed more than one teacher being in the classroom.

“I enjoyed having more than one teacher in the classroom,” said 9th grade New Tech student Ellie Emmons.
“We get more of the help we needed.”
Schumacher has known how to make Origami for many years.
“I’ve known how to make origami since I was in the sixth or seventh grade,” said Schumacher.
“I read a book called Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, and on the back, it teaches you how to create the paper cranes.

Origami is the art of making objects without any cutting or gluing, you just use your hands. After the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan, there was a legend that if you make one-thousand paper cranes, you would have one wish. So, every student and staff member made ten paper cranes.
Tessellations are a form of Art that was created by MC. Escher in the 1900s. He attended many different schools and all around the world to achieve ideas about it.
When Schumaker taught this project, it was her first time.
“I’ve never taught an art lesson with a math lesson, in a high school setting,” said Schumacher. “I have taught it in an elementary setting, though. It was fun to do a project with another teacher for a change though.”
Radial Designs is another word for “Mandala” as well. It is a design that was made for people to relax and focus on that project, not the world around them. Mandalas are typically made where people use sand to extend a design from the middle of a page and they are the same on all sides.


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