Everett Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week

This is a great opportunity to spread positivity through the school.
This is a great opportunity to spread positivity through the school.

This week, Everett PALs participated in Random Acts of Kindness Week. It’s something that was newly introduced and for most students this will be their very first time even hearing about the event. This week is about sending positivity to everyone.

Students send their positivity by giving slips of paper to people with positive messages written on them. These notes can be anonymous or senders can send the note explicitly.

“I think it’s good, because it’s about time people started to be nice to each other,” said senior Jenna Graham.

This week could help students create new friendships or respark old ones. Random acts of kindness can change anyone’s day and this is probably why the whole week was dedicated to it. Everett is a large school and everyone doesn’t get the chance to see each other so this is a convenient way to reach out to someone that you want to connect with.

Teachers can be included in this event, as well. They can send messages and receive them, from the sending booth located on the first floor near the main office. All you do is write your message on the provided sheet of paper, fold the paper in half and stick it on the clear box with the slit in the top. Organizers hope this week will be a success in creating connections.

“People deserve to be showed things other than hate,” said senior Shelby Miller. The hope is that the week will change the way students see their school and it will help people gain connections that they might have thought they would never have.    


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