Cavanaugh Road Work Questions Get Answered

The Cavanaugh stretch has been a difficult project for everyone included
The Cavanaugh Road construction has been an inconvenience for everyone.

On Monday, July 24, Lansing’s Public Service began the road work construction project on  Cavanaugh road just down the street from Everett and Cavanaugh Elementary.

However, as October is nearly halfway over, and with the road work signs still up, people are becoming increasingly distressed by the seemingly unending project.

Recently, the Board of Water and Light and the city of Lansing answered questions about that patch of road.
The biggest question on everyone’s mind is when it’ll be done.
“We’re nearing the end of the project, and it should be done in just a few weeks,” said BWL engineer Joe Eastman.
Another thing that needed to be answered was the fact that people felt that the project took much longer than it needed to. Eastman said the project is actually only a couple of weeks behind what was planned.
“We did originally plan to have it done by early to mid-October,” said Eastman. “However, when we arrived to the scene, the patch was much worse than we first thought.”

While this has been going on, some people are unaware of the main purpose of the project.

“This is a $640,000 project, to fix water mains that’ve been there since 1948,” said Lansing Project Engineer Ann Parry.

Parry explained that the city is involved in the project to take advantage of the opportunity to fix the road at the same time BWL had the area dug up for water main work. They used the same contractor that did the BWL work to fix road problems and install new curbs.

People also complain that road working, in general, takes forever, and the BWL wants people to understand why the work can sometimes take longer than they hope it will. Eastman said that when they dig, they aren’t always sure what they’ll find. They can find old utilities, and they have to check to see if they are still in use. Digging may cause problems with other underground systems, that then need fixing before construction can continue.

“Construction takes a long time, and you can try to come up with a plan. But until you actually start, you don’t fully know what’s wrong,” said Eastman.

Also, multiple days of rain like Lansing had last week add to the timetable. Workers can’t go in the ground when the walls of the hole are unstable.

If everything goes well, the project should be wrapping up shortly, and people will be relieved to finally be able to take Cavanaugh Road to Everett from Cedar Street once again.

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