CMU Discusses College Life With Juniors/Seniors at Everett

Students discussed admissions, cost, and campus life on Wednesday.
Students discussed admissions, cost, and campus life on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, around thirty students filled the small auditorium for the rep visit with CMU. About an hour away in a semi-rural area, they’re the fourth largest school in Michigan, following behind MSU, U of M, and Wayne State. Their Assistant Director of Admissions talked to students in the eleventh and twelfth grade about the acceptance requirements, cost and scholarships, and campus life.

CMU’s tuition is estimated to be $12,510, and with room and board costs of $9,736, along with books and some other personal expenses, the total cost is about $24,076. Their average SAT scores taken when accepting people is around 1090, with an average GPA acceptance of 3.3, but one can be a little lower if the other is higher since the college balances out the scores.

Even though they’re one of the largest schools, their campus is a medium size and everything is within walking distance, which is something a lot of people tend to like about the college.

“Well, I visited the campus so I really liked how small it was and it felt like it was a really good community,” said senior Alyssa Wagner.

Some seniors who were at the presentation have already applied or even gotten accepted into the university.

“I already applied and I got accepted,” said senior Andrea Thompson. “I visited it last year and I liked the feeling. I felt like I belonged.”

Its reasonable tuition price came as a shock to some people.

“It stood out to me how affordable they are considering they’re the fourth biggest school in Michigan,” said junior Zakari Williams.

Some students were glad to learn that their scores or grades don’t have to be perfect to get attend CMU.

“I learned that my SAT is good enough for this place because it’s only 900,” said senior Zachariah Hernandez.

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