Everett Soccer Team Plays the Wyoming Wolves


On Monday, the varsity soccer team headed out to Wyoming, MI, for the district tournament to compete for the cup.

At 3:45 p.m. the team departed on the Dean bus for the 117 mile trip. Game time was set for 6 p.m.

Last year, the soccer team played Northern Portage. This year the team faced off against the Wyoming Wolves. Expectations are high.

“We just play different schools from different districts,” said varsity captain Antonio Lopez. “Today, we play Wyoming.”

A lot is expected from the boys tonight. Especially from Lopez.

“I want them to win, i want them to put their everything to this game,” said Lopez.” Play with heart until the final whistle.”

Many players were pumped for the game. Peculiarly, senior center defensive midfielder Alaa Naeem.

“This might be my last game with my brothers so we have to play our best to continue,” Said Naeem.

Tensions rose as the game got closer. The boys had their game all planned out.

“We’re going to stay composed as much as possible. Go out there and play with heart,” said goalkeeper Jason Hernandez. “ We’re going to try to remember all the things we’ve gone over at practice.”

For some it was more than just a district game. This game had a bigger meaning.

“Today is another opportunity to show who we are. Today we show our potential,” said center defensive mid-fielder Eric Hernandez. “It all starts today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. You gotta want it today.”

Hopes are high as well. If the boys won that night, they would’ve advanced to the next round.

“Hopefully we win today. It would be nice to put Everett back on the map with its soccer team,” said left back Cody Cleveland. “ I will do my best tonight, and hopefully my positive energy will flow to some of my teammates.”

The team unfortunately lost that night.

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