Juniors Took the PSAT on Wednesday

Taking the PSAT increases a student's chance of getting in, because they already know the format.
Taking the PSAT increases a student’s chance of getting in, because they already know the format.

On Wednesday, Juniors took the PSAT to practice for the SATs. The PSAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board and cosponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) in the United States. About 3.5 million students take the PSAT every year.

Although the PSAT isn’t required for college, there are good reasons for a student to take the test.

“It’s an opportunity to practice for the SAT later on.” said Assistant Principal Dustin Gill.  

Gill said that while the state requires Everett to give the test, taking it can help students get into colleges.

The date of the PSAT fell on a Wednesday, which may have affected how many juniors actually took the test.  

“Not everyone will come I think, just because it’s a late start Wednesday,” said Gill.

The PSAT will be held on Wednesday in the morning. The PSAT is the most important test a high school student will ever take. The SAT is the test that leads up after the PSAT which can give you scholarships. But colleges do not look at your PSAT scores, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try. For sophomores looking ahead to their shot at the PSAT, there are some things they can do to prepare. Students can go online and do a practice PSAT, or get a study packet from the counseling center. The public library also has books about preparing for the PSAT.


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