Alma College Rep Talks to Students About Future Plans

Alma Rep visited Everett and answered questions.
Alma Rep visited Everett and answered questions.

On Thursday afternoon, the small auditorium was reserved for a college presentation with Alma College. Alma’s a small college about an hour away up north, and one of the best in the Midwest. Their top three majors are health sciences, business, and education.

Assistant Director of Admissions Carrie Lewis is Everett’s college representative for Alma, and she’s been doing these college visits for about five years now. She didn’t know right away that she wanted to attend Alma, but specific things that she talked about during the presentation that make Alma a great college and community led her to making the decision to go there.

“When I visited campus and got to meet students and professors, that really sealed the deal for me,” said Lewis. “The travel program also helped make my decision.”

Not all students who came to the college visit had their mind set on Alma, but coming to it helped them make their decision whether they wanted to consider it or not. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to attend different colleges, such as interests in different majors or programs, and maybe even because of sports or clubs.

“[I am not interested in attending Alma] because it’s a division three school and they don’t give scholarships for athletes,” said Junior Darielle Minor. “Plus it’s too close to home and I don’t want to be close to home because I want to experience the world.”

Even if a student isn’t interested in attending that college, it’s still helpful to attend the college visits to be informed on the different colleges and widen their options to choose from.

“[I come to the presentations] to learn about the schools that are close to me,” said Senior Sydney Lettau, who happens to be a member of the College Ambassador Program, which is responsible for organizing these college presentations. “These are some of the schools that no one really knows about.”

After finishing the presentation, Carrie Lewis gave a great word of advice for all students who may be unsure on what college they want to attend, or even aimed at those wanting more choices to look at and consider.

“Keep going to more college presentations because the more you go to, the more information you get,” said Lewis. “Visit the campuses too.”

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