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On Tuesday, January 3, Coach and Assistant Principal Marcelle Carruthers was nominated to be one of the nine individual inductees into the Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2017. The announcement was made via the Hall of Fame’s website Tuesday afternoon and word was quickly spread throughout the local area. Staff and students within the school soon admired Carruthers on his achievement.

10th Grade Algebra teacher and Assistant Athletic Director Sheila Orr believes that this milestone in the life of Carruthers is a great example for all of the students that he teaches.

“The fact that [Carruthers] is a coach here, it means a lot to the students that he coaches because they can see that our coach not only tells us these things, but he walks the walk. He did these things in his career and he’s been honored for them, so if we listen to what he says, we will have good things to come because he knows what he’s talking about,” Orr said.

“I think it’s really cool seeing a guy you know go into [the Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame],” said freshman Zach Surdenik, who has a rather close bond with Carruthers. “Mr. Carruthers has always been great to me. He’s been a great coach and, even though I didn’t play his sport, he’s always been there for me if I needed him,” Surdenik said.

Even though he wasn’t around when Carruthers was in his prime playing as an athlete, New Tech Coordinator Mitch Foster thinks that it was the right decision putting Carruthers in with the Class of 2017.

“Through the years working here, I’ve heard of how good [Carruthers] was and what a stellar athlete he was. So from everything I’ve heard, it doesn’t surprise me. It’s obviously well deserved. I think it’s really cool that he’s getting observed that way,” Foster said.

10th Grade Social Studies teacher Tim Walker also agrees that this honor was very well deserved.

“I’m very excited for Coach Carruthers because you can tell that he’s very passionate about coaching and how he handles students, how he goes about it. You can kind of see his face light up when he gets the opportunity to teach somebody anything. So, I’m excited for him that he’s getting recognized for all of the hard work that he’s been doing for a long time here,” Walker said. Walker also believes that Carruthers’ gladly accepts his achievements for more than just recognition.

“I’m sure that recognition isn’t why he does it, but it’s gotta feel nice when he finally receives it because he definitely earned it,” Walker continued.

Lead Athletic Director Chad Foster thinks that Carruthers’ Hall of Fame induction reflects greatly on the school itself.

“I think it’s a great thing for Everett because [Carruthers] being a coach here for the last 18 years just proves the hard work he put in as a young athlete. I think him being a coach here and being successful has really helped him get into the Hall of Fame. I think that played into his playing career and his coaching career. Just being his friend and a colleague, I’m very proud of him and all his hard work is paying off for him,” Foster said.

Principal Susan Cheadle-Holt also highly credits Carruthers.

“It’s very exciting and it’s quite an honor. [Carruthers] was a tremendous athlete for the Lansing School District and I think that it’s an important thing to recognize those people who are still contributing to our city as well,” Cheadle-Holt said.

Following his first induction into the 2014 Eastern High School Sports Hall of Fame, Carruthers is very honored to be highly recognized for a second time in his athletic career.

“I’m humbled with the honor, I’m flattered that anyone would think of me in that regard,” Carruthers said. Carruthers then explained his journey to hall of fame status.

“Like anything, it comes with hard work. I listened to my family [and] I listened to my coaches. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t disappoint anyone, especially my mother because I knew she worked very hard. I just wanted to do what I needed to do to be successful in the eyes of not only my family, but the school that I represented,” Carruthers said.

Carruthers added that always making the right decisions has been a personal driving force towards his success.

“It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and one bad moment to break it down. I wanted to make sure everything I did, I wanted to do it for the right reasons,” Carruthers explained.

The 42nd annual Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame will take place on Thursday, July 27 at the Lansing Center.

“Work hard, listen to those who support you, and never give up,” is a motto that Carruthers lives by and directs towards every athlete within the Lansing School District.

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